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Learn how being married increased
Christy's capacity to love completely

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Christy ignites change in her audiences
through her authenticity,
vulnerability and transparency.

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"I don't think it's possible to work
with Christy and your life doesn't change,
one revelation after another."

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Stand. Make history.

Christy aspires to build a nation
where married
couples live their legacy!


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We are so glad you are here! We have been looking for you!
We are recruiting married couples committed to experiencing marriage at its best!

MY RELATIONSHIP REVOLUTION™is thrilled to have launched our global marriage campaign, My Marriage Rocks!™it’s not just a mindset, it’s a movement!

My Marriage Rocks!™ was created for married couples who are committed to experiencing MORE in their marriage by making a stand . . . STANDING UP, STANDING OUT and BEING REAL examples of a godly marriage.

Whether your marriage is blah and boring, groovy or great, fabulous and fantastic, WE NEED YOU!

Marriage requires a mindset that allows couples to experience God’s plan, purpose and intention for marriage.

My Relationship Revolution™ and My Marriage Rocks!™thrive by providing FUN opportunities and RADICAL experiences for married couples stretching husbands and wives to love differently, love intentionally and love greater!

We know marriage isn’t easy! So, thank you for allowing us to walk with you in your marriage experience. We feel honored and consider it a privilege to walk alongside you in this journey towards experiencing MORE in your marriage.

To get started, please give us your contact information and download our free 7-day challenge, REBOOT! Transform Your Marriage in 7 Days! In addition to your free gift, you will automatically receive weekly communication that offers action-driven techniques, proven strategies and practical tips designed to build, maintain and experience more in your marriage!

So come on in, get comfortable, and lets get to know each other better!

The video to the right will. give you a quick glimpse into my personal story of overcoming infidelity and why I’m passionate about helping couples discover how to connect, communicate, and conquer any obstacle or offense that comes their way!

Then make sure to check out our blog posts, upcoming events, as well as our products, programs and speaking services designed just for you! Don’t forget to download REBOOT! Transform Your Marriage in 7 Days! and jump start your way to experiencing amarriage that ROCKS!

REBOOT! Transform Your Marriage in 7 Days!

TEXT "ROCKS" to 703-260-7100 to REBOOT! and Transform Your Marriage in 7 Days!. Thank you again for stopping by and I hope to connect with you personally very soon!
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  • Heart-to-Heart with Christy

    Bi-weekly videos designed to be a tool that offers practical relationship development, everyday skill-building techniques and radical strategies that position couples to experience a deeper connection, better communication, more fun, faith and friendship in their relationships!


The Happy Couples Academy™ is where couples come to ignite a Relationship Revolution™ in their marriage! Today, married couples are facing disappointment, distance and discouragement and don’t know what to…

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Live What You Believe™ is a 12-week Group Mentorship Program designed for women who desire to experience a Relationship Revolution™ causing a radical, sudden and complete change in their lives…

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Congratulations on your engagement! We are grateful that you have found value in preparing for one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life!

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My Marriage Rocks!™ It’s not just a mindset, it’s a movement! JOIN THE MARRIAGE MOVEMENT!

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Lives Impacted

  • SJM

    A few years ago I hit what felt like rock bottom. My two best friends got married within 4 months of each other and another friend started dating the guy I had at one point been in love with and my finances spiraled out of control. It was one of those awful stories that make […]

    Read More
  • Tomika Monterville

    When I met Christy several years ago, her inspiration as a wife and woman of God helped me to acknowledge that the relationship that I was in was not fair to me and my desires to eventually become someone’s wife. Being around Christy helped me not to be ashamed of acknowledging what I wanted, needed […]

    Read More
  • Sara Munyan

    Christy is a rare find! She is open and honest regarding both the joys and challenges of marriage! As a single woman, I *thought* I was ready for marriage years ago and THEN I talked to Christy. What I was ready for was to be loved, to be entertained, to not be alone. What I […]

    Read More
  • Shakirah A. Holley

    The wisdom Christy Little Jones imparted on me about my calling to be a wife has been invaluable. She has helped me understand what God intends for marriage; more specifically what my role as a wife will be and how to practically implement biblical principles in my season of courtship to prepare for marriage. I […]

    Read More
  • Valerie K.

    Christy Little Jones was referred to me by a colleague who met Christy at a networking event. My co-worker and I are single, black women who are trying to balance our careers and personal growth, with the desire for committed relationships that may ultimately lead to marriage. Having tried many of the “normal” methods of […]

    Read More
  • J. Thompson, Ph.D

    Christy demonstrates through her own personal experiences that marriage is not always picture perfect, but there is a godly way to work through your issues. She makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR that after marriage is when the real work begins, it’s when the devil will really attack you, and thus I didn’t have a romanticized view […]

    Read More
  • K. Perkins

    Christy helped me to see that marriage is more than “I love you’s” and hanging out with my best friend. While marriage does encompass those things, it is so much more. She was able to give me a “real” picture (by example and testimony) of the many facets of marriage. Christy keeps it real! That […]

    Read More
  • Kea M.

    The Lord places people in your life as a means for Him to love you and encourage you in the flesh. Meeting and talking to Christy Little Jones is a reminder of just that. Prior to formally meeting Christy, her heart to love on those she interacted with was apparent in the interactions I saw […]

    Read More
  • Traci Fitzhugh, M.D., F.A.C.O.G

    “Christy inspired me to move beyond my professional comfort zone and pursue a new business venture. Her wise and frank counsel holds me accountable to being the person I want to be. I am constantly in awe of her courageous nature and her many gifts.

    Read More
  • A. Kelly

    I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Adrian and Christy’s support and guidance, my relationship with my fiancé would have ended a long time ago. After working with the Christy and Adrian, we communicate and support each other better and have a deeper love and admiration for one another.

    Read More
  • D.C. Miles

    Serendipity. Happy accidents. Fate. I’ve never held much stock in their existence. But I have always believed that there are people intended to be in your life. Not by accident…but by divine appointment. Sometimes you’re ecstatic to meet them and other times, at first encounter, you do everything in your power to avoid them. It […]

    Read More
  • Naylor and Traci

    We count Adrian and Christy as spiritual family and role models. Adrian exemplifies what it means to be the spiritual head of household, a supportive husband and loving father. Christy is the embodiment of motherhood – nurturing, selfless and compassionate. Together they are truly a dynamic duo.

    Read More
  • Thomas and Candace Claiborn IV, authors of “B.L.O.G. To Marriage

    Adrian and Christy inspired us to take the proper action steps towards understanding the power we have to influence the world through our marriage and business endeavors. The pre-marital counseling we received from them is so foundational in how we live today as husband and wife.

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  • C & C. Mills

    My husband and I went to Christy and Adrian for advice during one of the toughest times in our marriage. The transparency and grounded wisdom they speak from is truly rare. Through their authenticity and knowledge, they gave us the perspective we needed to handle our conflicts and continue enjoy the FUN of married life!

    Read More
  • V. Pasley

    When I was single, I thought it would be easy to just say my vows and just move on. Boy was I wrong!!!! It takes certain skills to make a marriage work and Christy has been my mentor during my continuous learning process. What does it take to be subservient and what does that mean? […]

    Read More
  • Mrs. DAL

    I want to thank you, so very much, for helping me to transition through an extremely painful and difficult period in my marriage. Your patience, as you listened to me vent my complaints, was amazing. I loved the way you listened patiently, without interrupting, until I had said all that I needed to say, and […]

    Read More
  • SR

    It was truly a little miracle when I found Christy Little Jones while reading a magazine article on an airplane while on a business trip last May. When I read it I was floored! It seemed Christy’s story was nearly identical to mine. You see, my husband had confessed his infidelity 6 weeks before and […]

    Read More
  • T.R.I.M

    Christy’s sincere love and concern for people and relationships is contagious. Her practical way of encouraging is life changing and she is an example of what she teaches. I am so honored to be affiliated with a woman of such integrity.

    Read More

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We live in a world, where “existing” in life has become the norm. Change seems too hard. Many go through the motions of life hoping that tomorrow will be a better day, with little to no effort! People have become lethargic in taking action because often, there is no guarantee that the action will produce […]

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7 Steps to Reviving the Spark in Marriage

Remember when you two were so deeply in love that nothing could separate you? A lot of us have come to expect that the passion wears off after a few years, but it doesn’t have to. Here are a seven steps you can do to reignite and rekindle the flame in your relationship: 1) Date […]

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