• The plans of God are only revealed in the presence of God.
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Welcome, Friends!

a radical, sudden and complete change in your relationships! Whether you are married or want to be married, it’s my sincere honor and privilege to walk alongside you in this journey towards experiencing more
FUN, FRIENDSHIP and FAITH in your relationships!! Here you will receive insightful wisdom, practical application, and proven strategies to build and maintain authentic, loving, and fulfilling relationships!

So come on in, get comfortable, and lets get to know each other better!
The video to the right will give you a quick glimpse into my personal story and why I’m passionate about helping individuals discover how to connect, communicate, and conquer any obstacle or offense that comes their way!

Then make sure to check out our blog posts, upcoming events, as well as programs and coaching services designed just for you! And don’t forget to claim your exclusive copy of
“Relationship Revolution: Secrets To A Blissful Marriage”

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7 Steps to Reviving the Spark in Marriage

Remember when you two were so deeply in love that nothing could separate you? A lot of us have come to expect that the passion wears off after a few years, but it doesn’t have to. Here are a seven steps you can do to reignite and rekindle the flame in your relationship: 1) Date Like You Used To Date In The Beginning Many couples settle into routines; they come home from work, eat dinner, watch some television and then sleep. Boring!!! It's time to spice things up! Spent one night a … READ MORE...



We live in a world, where "existing" in life has become the norm. Change seems too hard. Many go through the motions of life hoping that tomorrow will be a better day, with little to no effort! People have become lethargic in taking action because often, there is no guarantee that the action will produce the results they desire. Many look at change as an event or even a destination, but change is actually a process! Change can bring a host of emotions ranging from fear and hope to love and … READ MORE...



  Yesterday I was on the treadmill and I was in my zone. I was listening to my "get-me-pumped" music when my thoughts took me back to my first marathon.  I started training 6 months before the race.  My coach had won the Marine Corp Marathon the year before in the women's division for her age. If I was going to do this and do this well, I wanted to be trained by the best. Not only did she schedule long runs on Saturdays, but also we had track training on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it … READ MORE...

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Is it just me? I feel like my children are growing overnight . . . literally! As we celebrate mothers all over the world, I am reminded of the amazing example I had and the great privilege it is for me to be a Mommy. Time is quickly passing and the time we share with the 'little' people in our lives is priceless! 1. MOTHERHOOD IS A CALLING! God has created and equipped you to multiply the earth with a godly legacy. It is your responsibility to raise a generation of men and women who love the … READ MORE...

Dad football card


I love this time of year! Super Bowl season offers wonderful memories for my family.  My son was born 10 minutes after kick off during Super Bowl XLVI in 2005, when the New England Patriots played the Pittsburg Steelers. In 2010, my dad, Floyd Little, who played for 7 seasons with the Denver Broncos, was elected into the NFL Hall of Fame and the New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl.  So, my heart is happy and filled with great anticipation and expectation of this year's Super Bowl … READ MORE...


Holiday Update! A Special Note from Me to YOU!

A Special Note from Christy   I love the fall season! The beauty of the changing leaves with their array of burgundy, burnt orange, fiery yellow, and rich chocolate browns pictured against a light pink and purple sunset sky bears witness to God's majesty and creative artistry!   And yet, this picture perfect scenery would not be possible without it being a part of the total life cycle of nature. It's a cycle of new life, growth, maturation, and ultimately death. The fall season … READ MORE...


SOULBEAT: The Condition of Your Heart – JEALOUSY

Welcome to week three of SOULBEAT: The Condition Of Your Heart Series.  We are peeking into our hearts for the month of November and last week we addressed the SOULBEAT of PRIDE where we discussed some of the emotional imposters that can transplant themselves into the soulbeat of your heart. If you did not read last week's blog, you can catch up here.   For week three, we are delving deeper and are uncovering the SOULBEAT of JEALOUSY!  OUCH!  I know . . . I really don't even like … READ MORE...

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