Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby.

By Ashley Moss

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By now you’ve probably heard about  Kylie Bisutti, the Victoria’s Secret model who recently walked away from a dream career. If not, read her story here.

Bisutti won the coveted spot during a model search in 2009 , but is hanging up her angel wings because she doesn’t believe that it honors God or her husband.

What would you have done? Million dollar contract, notoriety, a one-of-a-kind career, over …because you’ve decided that the man you’ve married (or will marry) is the only one who deserves to enjoy all of you.

I’m empowered by Kylie’s decision for three reasons:

(1) She’s chosen her faith and weighed the cost of her decision to follow Jesus Christ 

(2) She’s returning to traditional values by choosing to honor her marriage covenant, publicly

And, probably the most important to me, as a waiting woman:

(3) She respects her body and quietly relays a valuable message to women:  There is no room for comparison in the love relationships we’re intended to have. 

It would be so easy to get distracted and discouraged by the images we’re slapped with everyday on the Internet, Facebook, and Twitter. The last thing we need is to spend our days worrying that we’re not enough for the men we love, or will come to love.

Face It: There will always be someone taller, thinner, prettier, smarter and more successful by the world’s standards. There’s no point to living a life full of comparisons: it only leads to fear. Focus on being the woman you’ve been called to be. There is no woman more beautiful than one who’s aware of who she is.

#OneLastThought: What would you have done if you were in Kylie’s shoes? And, how do you deal with comparisons? Post your comments!



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