Happy Monday. Now, Get Out Of The Box!

By Ashley Moss

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Today, @christyinspires and I were talking about some future plans for the Relationship Revolution when she reminded me that we should never reduce our greatness to fit into a box.

Can you relate?

It’s what we often do: We want to be great but the challenges of every day life make it easier to limit ourselves to a less complicated existence filled with repetitive thoughts and easy movements.

I lost my father suddenly a year and a half ago and have spent many of my days since moving within my own distinct radius…Settling for a life less lived instead of a life well lived because… it was easier.

Three weeks from now I’ll be in South Africa on a ten-day mission primarily to Adler Haven, a loving home in Johannesburg for abandoned toddlers affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS. I was so excited before and I wanted to do a great thing, but I’ve been hesitant to go. I keep telling myself that it’s too far and that this isn’t a good time to go, and then I wonder what I could possibly add to their lives in such a short amount of time.

Today I remembered that I don’t need an explanation: I’ll carry the mantle that the book of James talks about in the Bible: to care for orphans and widows. I, the orphan, will serve the orphans.

Great is never convenient, it requires transparency and is often birthed out of the very things we say we cannot do. But, if  we see it in the right light, maybe being great doesn’t require as much as we think it does: a willingness to see beyond our present circumstances, an open heart and an attitude to serve.

My ordinary story as it’s unfolding (and with all its good, bad and ugly) is for a greater thing; so is yours.

Don’t forget that.


  1. stefanie says:

    You seem to be speaking to me a lot lately. It’s funny how we forget our greatness and the power God has placed inside of us when things begin to shift unknowingly. I too lost my dad three yrs ago this may and i became stuck in the familar because that was what felt safe. The enemy has a way of making you question yourself, but thank God he delivers those who seek Him. My dad’s fav verse was Rom 8:28, and I know that regardless of any circumstance God has a blessing behind the storm. I hope you do go on the mission trip. You never know who you may touch by your presence and words. I look forward to your next blog, be blessed.

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