Making Relationships Work.

By Ashley Moss| March 23, 2012

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From a single gal….How do you make a relationship work, anyway? That’s an honest question.

We’ve talked about what NOT to say, why people cheat, the perfect date, and  having a to-do list , but how do you get a good thing STARTED?

There’s so much beauty in doing life with a like-minded person, and I can’t wait to be swept off my feet by a Prince Charming…

Or do I just love the idea of being in love?

Real Love…I imagine…is hard. You have to accept a person for who they are, then you have to let them see all your dirt, too.

A few years ago I briefly dated a guy, and we jokingly wrote up an agreement for our “relationship”.

(Sidenote: Who DOES That???)

Subconsciously I knew I was an option for him, and he was for me, too…right from the beginning. That was the problem: we began with every intention to get out.

Nothing good can ever be built on something temporary.

Here’s my recipe for Love:

  • a dash of passion
  • 1 cup of patience
  • a bit of compatibility
  • a teaspoon of forgetfulness
  • ¾ cup of forgiveness
  • a cup of respect
  • 2 cups of trust
  • a pinch of humor
  • a lifetime of commitment


What’s yours?

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